Lunch in Ulupalakua (Estate Resale) Original 1985 Painting by Curtis Wilson Cost SOLD

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Image Size: 24" x 48"
Medium: Original Canvas Painting by Curtis Wilson Cost, Acrylic on Linen
Year completed: 1985

According to Jill Cost's studio records, Lunch in Ulupalakua has been in the same private collection from the day it was painted. It has now become available as an estate sale. 

Painted in 1985, in it you can see the foreshadowing of many works to come from Mr Cost with its use of light spilling across the middle ground, a compositional device leading the eye through the center of interest. Looking at later works, you can see how these early indications of a strong light source would emerge and become a prominent feature of Curtis Wilson Cost. Many other important paintings to come decades later will employ this signature element

What makes this particular painting a rarity is the gathering of horses lunching in the shade. Horses seldom appear in Cost's work. This piece stands shoulder to shoulder with Cost's most recognizable pieces of Hawaiian fine art esthetics. It is a significant and important piece in a career that helped to shape an era of art both in Hawaii and on the mainland. 

Lunch in Ulupalakua is available as a fine art giclee on canvas. See sizes and prices via the Paypal button button below.