Beach Morning Glory (Estate Resale) Original 1988 Painting by Curtis Wilson Cost SOLD

Image Size: 30" x 22"
Media: Acrylic on Linen
Year completed: 1988
Framed in a six piece solid Hawaiian koa wood frame

Occasionally my work is done completely from memory. Beach Morning Glory is one of those pieces. After spending the day wandering the beaches in Maalaea, I came home and painted this piece. It’s a recollection of my day strolling the ins and outs around Sugar Beach with a background of the west Maui mountains reaching towards McGregor Point. It is one of those turns along the sand that could easily pass for rural if you capture it just right. I always draw inspiration from quick glimpses that evoke the tranquility of remoteness; a sandy stretch framed by the vegetation leaning over the turquoise. It jumps up in front of me and demands to be painted. It is the story of my life.   -CWC

Show above, the original painting has a rare and beautiful solid Hawaiian koa molding 
that is no longer available.  

Beach Morning Glory is available as a fine art giclee on canvas. See sizes and prices via the Paypal button button below.